Rules for NXT Generation Sumo-wrestling

Combat arena:

For the NXT Generation Sumo games we have made 2 arenas, see photo below. Each combat arena is circular and approx. 120cm in diameter. The combat arena has been painted black and there is an approx. 5cm wide white line at the outer circle of the combat arena. The combat arena has a smooth surface and is elevated approx. 3cm above the ground.


Robot limitations:

All MINDSTORMS NXT/RCX Sumo robots must be build 100% of original LEGO parts (no glue, cutting, melting, or other kind of modifications are allowed). This rule also apply to sensors and motors. There is no limits to how many LEGO, MINDSTORMS NXT/RCX sensors, motors, or NXT/RCX bricks you use. No home made sensors are allowed.

All robots must be able to fit within a square of 33 x 33 cm.

At least one LEGO MINDSTORMS brick (NXT/RCX) must be part of the robot.

There are no limits to the height of the robot.

The total weight of the robot are not to exceed 1000 gram. The robot will be weight before the competition start. Better be 1 gram below the limit rather than 1 gram above!


This is how we play the MINDSTORMS Sumo game

The Sumo robots are placed on the game combat arena approx. 30 cm apart from each other and at the same distance from the center of the combat arena. The start line is marked on the combat arena. The robots must be placed parallel to each other with the front facing opposite each other, so that the robots will have to search each other before any fighting. This means the robots must start their motion by moving away from each other and not directly towards each other.

The competition goes in several rounds. Each round is limited to max 3 minute. Each round consist of 3 half times of max 1 minute each. If no ones win before the 3 minutes has gone it will be a tie.
The winner of a round is the robot who has won most of the 3 half times. The winner of a round gets 2 points. The loser gets 0 points and a tie gives each team 1 point. If the 2 robots are going to hang on to each other in a given half-time the robots drivers can agree to start the half-time over again. This allows for the robots to be started again but the rule about the maximum 3 minutes still apply. The max 3 minutes applies even if not all 3 Half-times has been run.

At the start of each half-time it will be counted down 3, 2, 1, GO!. The Robot drivers then activate their SUMO robot and steps immediately away from the combat arena. The robots must wait at least 3 seconds before it is allowed to begin moving on the combat arena. The robot is allowed to begin to change shape immediately after it has been activated, it may just not begin to drive before the 3 seconds have elapsed. The robot's first driving direction must be directly away from the center. If there is no obvious front of the robot, its first run motion define the robot's front end. The robot must make it first move no later than 10 seconds after the start. The robots will remain in combat until one of them is rendered harmless or removed from the battlefield. A robot is declared "removed from the arena" when any part of the robot (fixed or loose), falling from the combat arena or touches the floor outside the combat arena. A robot that just hangs on the edge is declared not removed until some of the robot touches the floor.

The winner of a half-time is that robot which make the opponents robot harmless or removed from the combat arena. If a robot commit "suicide" by running off the side of the combat arena the opponent wins also.

The judge has the final word.

Looking forward to seeing you on the combat arena

If you have any questions feel free to contact: Carsten +45 29495051  or   Ejner +45 21266148